FlashPass Ver 2.0 Launch

2015-03-25 17.21.21It is always exciting to bring to light a new product. We are pleased to announce our new, revamped application. Both our web app and iOS App received a major overhaul and learned a few new tricks like the Mexico APIS submission, among others that we know you will like. The new app brings a major architecture change to support the cool things this new release brings and others that will come in the near future. The user experience however remains almost identical from the users perspective, except for a few details that should help you file quicker and reduce the data entry time.

Under the hood FlashPass 2 has some interesting changes that will help us accomplish our mission of moving bureaucracy out of the pilot’s way. A pilot should be focused on the flight ahead and not on paperwork. Distractions can be dangerous, but let’s face it, no one wants to get fined either.

Launching this shinny new app is a proud moment. We are very excited of the road ahead.

Thank you for all your support, please keep spreading the word!

FlashPass Ver 2.0 Launch

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